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Cursed Race Type 1

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January 25






Straight with bicurious tendencies (when she gets older)


Messing with Taitousuu, causing problems, never growing up

Vynosa is the last of the batwings race and final hope of the future in the Hope/Despair series.

Family Edit

Vynosa is, essentially, the last of her race. She never knew her parents or what became of them, much as Cole has no knowledge of parents or siblings, only that he's always been an orphan. Rather, Vynosa has been raised by Taitousuu, the human who wields gravity. Both of them tend to be on the same level, in terms of humour and somewhat ridiculous outlook, so they mesh together well. Both are their only family.

Early Years Edit

No one really knows where she initially came from, including herself, but Vynosa was found at only a year or two of age by a villager and taken to a nearby orphanage which was run by Taitousuu. There weren't a lot of children there, but most of them thought she was strange due to her batwings. However, she became very attached to Taitousuu and he to her (since they were like the same person anyway) and that rather secured her place there. Unfortunately, the village and other orphans were not so accepting of their idiosynchrasies and the two were forced to flee for their lives, leaving everything behind. However, valuables weren't particularly important to either one and Taitousuu essentially adopted her, dragging her along, the two of them traveling and generally not growing up together. It was on one of their journeys that they wander into the story and meet Cole.

Character Edit

Vynosa, still being a child of only seven, is very youthful and loves to have fun. More than anything else, she wants to stay a kid and play forever, especially with her friends. She gets very attached to people, mostly because she has very few constant figures in her life, but it's hard to find anything serious underneath her funloving exterior. Basically, her being emo, sad or crying is a sign of imminent armeggedon.

Books Edit

Vynosa doesn't appear until Series Two, where she becomes very important in solving the mystery of curing the Cursed Races.

Theme Song Edit

Best Friend by Toy Box

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