This page is a glossary of important terms used in the Hope/Despair series.

Ancients-A mysterious and aloof race of beings known for age and knowledge of historical events. Through the years, they've gradually receded from society and become more and more apathetic to world activities. For more information, see Ancients.

Angalians-The race in which individuals spontaneously grow angel wings and are afflicted by a mysterious curse. The origin of the race is unknown, but many prejudices are evident against it. For more information, see Angalians.

Blue-The second book of the Hope/Despair series, named for Eluin's brightly colored eyes. For more information, see Blue.

Cursed Race Type 1-A race that is precursor to the Cursed Race in which individuals have batwings. The cursed aspect remains a bit mysterious, though definitely different from the other race. For more information, see Cursed Race Type 1.

Demon-A race of ancient creatures with dark and dangerous powers. By present day all the Demons have essentially died out or been permanently imprisoned. For more information, see Demon.

Elemental-A mysterious race mostly unknown to the world that lives in isolation. Each member has a specific element to control and is born knowing of their soulmate. For more information, see Elemental.

gold-This is an element of the earth that, while rare, is seen as a sign of corruption, especially of the inner magics. It's usually a sign of degrading magic or power, especially of impurity.

Human-Humans are the primary race, holding control over the kingdoms and being the most common. All have some innate magic abilities to varying degrees, though it's not really usable without training. For more information, see Human.

magic-Magic is in everything, as it was part of the world's creation. The life of each individual thing is wrapped inextricably around the innate magic in everything. Not all beings access or use the magic within them and everyone's level and specialty varies, but it is still unquestioningly a part of them regardless.

manifest-The term used to describe the first awakening of angelwings in the Angalians. For more information, see Manifest.

sand-The element symbolizing purity. Magic flows best and more easily through sand than any other element. Presence of it indicates an honesty and truth.

Smile-The first book of the Hope/Despair series in which Eleni is introduced and the beginning story of her life is told. For more information, see Smile.