It was dark, but he’d spent so long in the dark that he rather preferred it. There were no windows in his damp little cell, guaranteeing as little light as possible. The only source of illumination was the tiny, flickering candle set in a tiny sconce across the narrow hallway. He could hear the continuous drip of water echoing from somewhere off down the corridor.

Years and years had echoed by, yet still he sat, almost motionless. After all, there was only so long such a tiny cell could offer any entertainment.

The cell itself was made of uneven, carved blocks of stone. They were always wet, coated with a light layer of moisture that indicated a nearby underground water source. If he listened closely, he could swear he heard it rustling by, farther down the solid rock catacombs. Frowning, he sat, long, onyx-colored hair falling easily in front of his face and blocking the view of his piercing eyes, shadowing his cheeks ever further.

Every day that he was stuck in this dank pit was yet another that he learned how to hate captivity. His tiny room, walled in on five sides with sheer stone and one barred side from which he could dimly admire the sprawling tunnels. Occasionally, food was passed through, but it had been days since that had happened last.

He smiled viciously. The poor fellow delivering his food certainly hadn’t expected him to go for the wrist rather than the tray. Of course, the kid also hadn’t expected him to break the manacle chaining him to the ceiling. Stupid, really. Did they think that years in this hole with severe malnutrition would really weaken him? Apparently they did not know him.

Then again, who would anymore?

His crimson eyes flashed with cruel amusement.


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