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Daydreaming, dancing

Monica is one of Eluin's childhood friends in the Hope/Despair Series.

Family Edit

Monica's parents are no longer around for reasons that are still unclear. Instead, she was raised by her aunt, who had many other children to take care of and no man around the house. Because of this, she often felt like a fifth and never connected too closely to her cousins. She has no other siblings.

Early Years Edit

Because of her general family neglect, Monica spent a lot of time outside of the house. She often worked extra hard at training in an effort to be appreciated or recognized at home to no avail. Her training sessions were how she met Eluin, the only other water Elemental in the village. Eluin was light-hearted and carefree, paying little attention during lessons and just barely scraping by. The two were friends, but the four year age difference often meant that Eluin spent time with the other, older kids rather than with her. Still, she admired him because of his familial issues and that, despite the fact that he eventually ended up alone, he still maintained a positive and kind outlook. In her own neglect, she struggled to do what he seemed to effortlessly. As she grew up, she became prettier and prettier and started making friends with other children in the village, though it was difficult for her. However, she never really liked them the way she did Eluin. Despite knowing that nothing could happen, since all Elementals are born aware of their soulmate, she still crushed pretty heavily on Eluin. When she was only sixteen years old, she was called to her soulmate (an exceptionally young age for that to happen). She bid farewell to Eluin, believing she would never see him again.

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