The term used to describe the awakening of the curse within members of the Angalians. It's a process generally occurring anywhere from age 4 to age 9 (being the oldest and youngest recorded times). All members of the race are born basically human. Manifesting is, essentially, the emergence of their wings. Often it is a violent and painful process that also heralds the cursed aspect as well. The wings grow from a particular spot on the back beneath the skin. The growth occurs very quickly, cells duplicating at an alarming rate as bone structure forms, breaking through the outer flesh. Muscles, feathers and other parts of anatomy also emerge. Because the wings break the skin, blood is always present, especially on the wing feathers. The Cursed Race individual has no control over when the wings emerge. After some time (varying between individuals), the wings will detract, which is a much less painful process. The emergence of wings occurs many times throughout the lifespan and rarely can the individual control the process. As for the cursed aspect, that also tends to be individual to each person. More details will come up later (also as I develop them).