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Kalio is the mysterious secondary villain of the Hope/Despair series.

Family Edit

Creation of Demons is an obscure and incomplete knowledge in the world. Reproduction doesn't occur in a traditional fashion, if at all. For that reason, Kalio has no real family. His thousands of years of imprisonment have also insured that whatever close friends or allies he might have had are no longer living. He is essentially alone, except for his purpose and the threads of magic that bind him against his will to others.

Early Years Edit

Character Edit

Kalio is dark person, consumed by his past and his current goals. A lot of his personality and past is shrouded in mystery mostly because he shows up so very rarely. He prefers the darkness, both physically and with people. As a Demon, he is close to no one and prefers it that way. He feels that getting close to others messes with that careful boundary. He is calm and controlled, not freaking out when things go wrong, but trying to figure out what to do next. Being a demon, he tends toward being more evil, but he doesn't really like working for Karthik. However, since their goals currently coincided, he tolerates his position. He trusts no one and would have trouble ever changing that.

Books Edit

Kalio's first appearance would be in Origins, a prequel about the beginning of all the cursed races of which he is the main character. He shows up very rarely in scattered moments in the first series but emerges as the primary villain of Series Two.

Theme Song Edit

The Beginning by Lifehouse

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