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Water Elemental

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Very light blue


October 23rd









Eluin is the secondary main character of the Hope/Despair Series and Eleni's soulmate.

Family Edit

Eluin has a younger brother, Sanso, and an older sister, Eboni. Both his parents are deceased by the story begins. His sister had left home when he and his brother were still fairly young without any explanation. The death of his parents also coincided with Sanso's leaving of the village. By the time he reaches adulthood, his family is pretty much gone from his home. However, he still maintains a positive outlook and connections with most of the members of the village.

Early Years Edit

Eluin grew up in the Elemental village. The village itself was very isolated in that no visitors or travelers ever came and that those who left almost never returned. It was a place to grow up, but once grown up, the actual living of life took place out in the world. Or, at least, so all the youngsters believed. Eluin grew up fairly happily at first. He lived with his parents but spent more time with kids his age around the village and neglected his training. He

Character Edit

Eluin is one of the characters who is a complete innocent. Despite some of the tragic things in his past, he's always remained separate from them. He's lighthearted and playful, always having more interest in goofing off and being silly over work and training his abilities. He anchors himself around his soulmate. As a child, he was more freespirited and careless, but once he meets up with Eleni, his whole world revolves around her. It's more than love, it's more like gravity.

Books Edit

Eluin doesn't enter the series until book two, Blue, so named for his fantastically blue eyes. He continues as a fairly central character for the rest of the series, including book three, and the second series.

Theme Song Edit

Only one by Yellow Card

Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65

Inconsolable by Backstreet Boys

Regrets and Romance by From First to Last

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