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Being stubborn, questioning/investigating things

Eboni is Eluin's older sister and Vioda's lover in the Hope/Despair series.

Family Edit

Eboni is an Elemental, born to two Elemental parents. She was the first born, with two brothers born after her. The first was Eluin, whose element was water and the youngest was Sanso, whose element was blood. However, she no longer feels connected to the family since leaving the Elemental village.

Early Years Edit

Eboni grew up in a relatively normal household. She had two parents and eventually a younger brother. She was doted on and raised as a normal girl, albeit with training for developing her elemental abilities. Her village was isolated and despite the apparent normality of everything, Eboni always felt like something was off. It was too perfect, too normal. She didn't like the idea of a soulmate or being told who she would love and have to be with. Being nosy and curious, she poked her head into things she shouldn't have, investigating a bit into the outside world. Still relatively young, she left the village, leaving her parents and two younger brothers behind to go go find out the truth. She never really looked back and she never saw her family again.

Character Edit

Eboni is very stubborn and very independent. Her fierce independence tends to isolate her and make her less liked by those she meets. As a result, it's difficult to get to know her. She is honest and fights nearly to a fault for what she believes in. She /does/ have a sensitive side, but it's quite difficult to find and she keeps it hidden to protect herself. She is curious and determined, dedicated to doing what's right and finding out the truth.

Books Edit

Eboni only appears as a character in Prequel: A Lighter Shade of Grey. She may appear in flashbacks in later books, but as she is dead at the start of the series, she won't actually be in the series.

Theme Song Edit

Right Here by Staind

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