The Ancients are so called due simply to the fact that they have existed so many millenia longer than any other race or creature. None of the other races live past even one hundred years, yet the Ancients do. As the years have continued on, their numbers have dwindled until the present day, when only a hundred or so remain. Every hundred years or so, the Ancients collectively agree to alter their shape, taking on whatever form they wish. Currently, they all hold the form of older, humanoid life forms. They have a very strict noninterference policy with the rest of the world, born of past experiences watching Humans wreak destruction on themselves and continuing in a cycle of creating evil and purifying it independent of outside sources. They have something of a hive mind in that all their past experiences in different shapes and forms and the histories of the world are stored in the collective consciousness to be accessed whenever it's needed, becoming a valuable resource (theoretically). However, their noninterference policy prevents them from ever actually /sharing/ that information with anyone.

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